blog1If you default on property tax payments in Baltimore MD, chances are that your house is going to tax sale. If taxes are owed to the state, the local government has the right to use a tax lien to force you to pay up. Unfortunately, this lien comes in the way of your being able to either obtain a mortgage or sell the property. If the property tax remains unpaid, the authorities can foreclose on your home and sell it through a tax auction. Before you panic, there is a silver lining to all this. There are ways to avoid a tax sale Baltimore and save your house.

How to Stop a Tax Auction Baltimore

To start with, a tax lien means that you still own the home. A tax auction is held in which the winner gets the tax sale certificate, which means that he or she becomes the responsible for collecting the taxes and the interest from you. In some states, they auction the tax deed, which means that you no longer remain the owner, although you can get your home back when you pay off the taxes, interest and penalties within a set timeframe. However, there are some things that you can do to stop a tax auction. Tax-sale-300x137

  • If your home is in Baltimore, the first thing to do to stop tax sale Baltimore is to visit the Abel Wolman Municipal Building on Holiday Street and go to the tax sale office located on the first floor. You will be able to get an estimate of the amount you need to pay and whether you need to pay it in certified funds or cash.
  • In case your home is still in mortgage, your lending bank is likely to pay the taxes on your behalf to protect its own interests. However, you will need to pay the bank back for this.
  • Since water bills are included in the taxes owed, you can use the two programs run by Baltimore City to your advantage. The Senior Citizen Water Discount Program and the Low Income Water Assistance Program might be able to offer help to people who are struggling with their property taxes.
  • The best course of action to get rid of a Baltimore tax lien and avoid a tax lien auction is to prepare a tax repayment plan for yourself. You will first need to file the repayment plan form at the tax office. Some of the documents you will need to attach include statements of your debts and assets, proof of income, pay
  • You could also consider getting a personal loan to repay the taxes. There are specific loans available for delinquent property tax.
  • If you would like to stop tax lien auction on your Baltimore house by selling fast, consider finding a reputable real estate investment company in Maryland who will purchase your house completely As-Is for cash, often in 14 days or less. This process is often much quicker than listing the house, and can offer savings on realtor commissions, repairs, and buyer closing assistance. When they buy your house for cash, all mortgages, liens, or judgements will be payed off, and in some cases, the homeowner may even net a substantial profit.
  • If everything else fails, is to consider bankruptcy to save your house from going to tax sale. However, before you consider this option, it is useful to consult bankruptcy lawyer and weigh the pros and cons. Remember, a tax lien means you still own the home and can use it to get extra income to pay delinquent taxes. For instance, you could consider putting it up for rent.Stop Tax Sale Baltimore

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