Own Rental Property and Need to Sell?

If you are a  Landlord who is tired of the hassles of owning rentals and managing tenants, or just ready to downsize, we can help you sell your Rental properties in Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia for cash! People sell you a rental property and tell you about how much money you’re going to make. But what they don’t tell you is all of the headaches you could potentially experience:


  • Repairs to the house that are unseen until you own it
  • Worries about lawsuits because of strict lead laws
  • Tenants that make unreasonable requests
  • Lots of time tracking the rent down – and maybe never collect it
  • Eviction rules and regulations that favor tenants
  • City inspectors that tell you how to run your business
  • Permits for renovations
  • Lengthy vacancy periods in between tenants
  • Utilities, property taxes and insurance payments
  • Piles of receipts to keep track of
  • Time away from your family to take care of everything

These problems can really add up. After a couple of years of dealing with all of the headaches, many landlords quickly become pretty fed up. But you can’t just walk away from it. Kicking your problem tenants out isn’t the end of the problems. Every day that goes by without rent coming in means you are losing money.

Why not get rid of all these headaches quickly and easily. Innovative Estates specializes in turning around hard to deal with rental properties in the Washington DC Metro. We can purchase your nightmare quickly for cash. If you are a landlord, and are considering selling your rental property, or investment portfolio, give us a call. We will discuss several favorable options that we have to relieve you of the burdens of property management.

Some of the options that we have include making you an offer for top dollar for your house. We will then allow you to  continue to collect a reliable rental income each month while we manage the tenants along with the  property maintenance and repairs. At the end of an agreed upon time period, you will receive a lump sum for the remaining balance. If you would prefer to simply sell the house outright for cash, we can will make you a fair cash offer to purchase your home, often in as little as 14 days. Give us a call today, and let’s work through a solution to help you get your rental property sold.


Fill out the form to the right, or give us a call at 202-499-2697. We will do the rest of the work.