Sell A House that Needs Repairs DC MD VA

Need to Sell a House that Needs Repairs in DC / MD / VA?

These days, buyers are looking for a move-in ready home, without any hassles or effort on their part. Properties that need expensive repairs often sit on the market for months, requiring several price reductions before finally being sold. If you own a house that is a fixer-upper, you will need to determine which avenue makes more sense for your situation. Often, homeowners who own a house that needs work, find relief in the fact that we are able to purchase their home in as-is condition — flaws and all. We will put the time and money into the house to bring it back to its former glory.

Sell a House that Needs Repairs in Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia, or Keep It?

Should I keep my house that needs repairs? Ask yourself these questions:
  • Do you have a list of great licensed and insured contractors to do the repairs?
  • Do you know how to make sure you are not liable if a contractor injures themselves on your property?
  • Are you willing to spend potentially $10’s of thousands of dollars fixing up your house with no guarantee it will sell?
  • Do you know if you can sell your house for enough to recoup all the money you would spend?
  • Are you willing to pay more mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, and utility bills waiting for the repairs to be done?

 All of those costs are just squeezing the money you will make when you sell your house. Not to mention the time it takes to sell. When you want to sell your house, and it doesn’t, every day that goes by makes your stress level rise.

Wouldn’t it be great to just know your fixer-upper house can sell ‘as-is’? Wouldn’t it be great to sell your DC Metro house quickly? What if you could end up walking away with around the same amount cash as if you spent all that money fixing it up, but without the aggravation? We can help you do that! We buy houses that need work, and don’t ask that you repair a thing. We have purchased homes in just about every situation: water damaged houses, fire damaged houses, condemned homes, mold-ridden homes, houses with deferred maintenance, or simply older homes that are in need of an update. No matter how much work you think your property needs, we can make you a fair, cash offer to purchase your house today! Sell your house that needs repairs today.

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